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Vamos Vamos curates Spanish immersion camps for kids ages 5-12 and provides local knowledge and optional itineraries for the whole family.  Ask us questions, make dinner reservations, learn new things, make new friends, experience a different culture and a different city, do nothing or everything in a new location for a week with your whole family.  

We started Vamos Vamos because we love to travel. Like many families nowadays ours are spread out around the world and so travel is a natural part of our lives. As our children grow up in multi-cultural cities and bi-cultural families, it feels more important than ever to continue to explore and understand different cultures and customs.  As we discover new places, we so passionately want to share them with everyone we care about.  

Tereza is from the Czech Republic and currently lives between Seattle, WA,  Joseph, OR and Mexico with her husband Tom and 8 year old daughter Francesca. Pamela is from New Zealand and now lives in Mexico with her husband Ivan and 2 kids Mika (7) and Teo (3).  We met in Seattle as neighbors when our daughters were just barely 2 years old. 

Our daughters are now school-aged and fun to travel with but also excited about having their own thing and hanging out with other kids their age. Witnessing their growth through our travel experiences has encouraged us to try and create similar opportunities for other families.

We began in San Pancho, Mexico in 2017 as a way to show off one of our favorite beach towns and give parents and kids a unique and enriching vacation experience. 

We employ local staff to teach the camps, prepare the food and help with local knowledge. We also donate 20% of each camp fee to a local not-for-profit.

Each camp location has a slightly different flavor to suit the vibe - so explore our current camps and choose which suits your family best at this time!

You can reach us on Facebook, Instagram, send us an email or via our sign-up form

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