San Pancho, Mexico

February 17-21, 2020. 9am-2pm, Monday-Friday.

For 4-7 year olds: (Pescaditos!) Our younger camp goers will enjoy art projects, bird watching, story-telling, music, a visit to the local market, Aztec dancing, Capoeira and gardening. Snack and lunch provided. Limited to 20 kids. Read on for more info or sign up now.

For 8-14 year olds: (Tortugas!) Camp options for 8-14 year olds are below. Each activity will be from 9-12, followed by lunch (provided) at the community centre and free time or an optional art project in the afternoon. Each

February 17-21, 2020

Pescaditos, 4-7 years (FULL)

Tortugas, 8-14 years (sign up now!)

We held our first camp in San Pancho in February 2017 and since then, families have been eagerly returning to this special seaside town. It can be hard to pinpoint exactly what makes a town so special, but in the case of San Pancho, the local community centre EntreAmigos has a huge part to play in it. 


We partnered with EntreAmigos and we use their unique and vibrant facility as a base for camp week. Their space includes a bilingual library, a sports area, an outdoor area for crafts, a recycling facility, an indoor play area for under 5s, a small cafe, a second-hand shop and a gift shop, toilets, a community garden and an outdoor playground.

20% of each camp fee is donated to EntreAmigos.


So, how does it work?

You and your family fly to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and take a 30-50 minute taxi to the quiet town of San Pancho (officially known as San Francisco, Nayarit).

You need to organize your own flights and accommodation. The town is small and we recommend finding accommodation as soon as possible. Many families reserve for the following year as soon as their week is over. 

On Sunday before camp starts, we have a group dinner (included in camp fee) for everyone to get to meet each other. There is nothing else formal organized for the week, but many families enjoy sharing meals and meeting up for sunset at the beach as much as possible.

Camp is from Monday-Friday, 9am-2pm. All your child needs is a hat, sunscreen, bug spray and water bottle. Snacks and lunch are provided (diets and allergies catered for).  The town is easy to walk around and if you are staying right in San Pancho you'll easily be able to walk to the community centre for drop off and pick up. (More about camp specifics below).

Enjoy 5 hours each day to yourself or with your partner or friends. How you spend your time is completely up to you but many parents enjoy long walks, surfing, snorkeling, boat rides, fishing, reading, eating lunch and yoga. You'll be surprised by how fast the time goes! 

The early evenings in San Pancho can feel really energetic and bustling. Restaurant tables spill out into the streets, the whole town gathers at the beach for sunset, fire dancers, musicians and breakdancers perform frequently and of course there's the tiny churro cart with an unpredictable schedule that you won't want to miss. 

And finally, (and thankfully) as 10pm rolls around, most of the town is asleep and getting ready for a new day.




Does my child's level of Spanish matter?

Each child's level of Spanish varies so much. Some are complete beginners and some are completely fluent. The great (and perhaps surprising) thing, is that it doesn't really seem to matter. Our teachers are bilingual and will run most of the camp in Spanish - but with such a wide range of abilities, everyone seems to help each other out and we've never had any complaints!

How much does it cost?

Each camp fee includes:

  • group dinner for the whole family on the Sunday before camp

  • camp t-shirts for the kids

  • a generous donation to Entreamigos (the local community centre)

  • snacks and lunch for the kids each day of camp

Pescaditos, ages 4-7: $320

Tortugas, ages 8-14: $350 (no water sports) and $400 (includes water sports)